Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Septimus the Squirrel

I was going to post about my day, which was mostly pedestrian. However, it was greatly enlivened by an incident towards the end.

firinel called me downstairs to where zie was working, because there was a creature running around in the basement. We have a chimney which we've never used, and I think it fell down that.

"What does it look like? A mouse?"
"Larger than a mouse."
"Like, a rat?"
"It had a fluffy tail."

At this juncture, the creature poked its head over the top of the couch:


It stared at us in that patient way that rodents have. I wasn't at all sure what it was. Maybe a bat that had fallen down the chimney?

Peeking out

Then it climbed out enough that I could see its arms, and I knew it wasn't a bat. It raised its paws to its nose in the way that squirrels do, but it wasn't until its tail came into view that I was sure it was a squirrel; I felt pretty silly for having been so nervous of a squirrel. The next question was how to get it back outside. It leapt about eight times its body length, right across the floor, and ran past me and out into the laundry room. It was intelligent enough to try to climb up to the (small) windows in there, on both sides of the room, and try to get out:

Let me out!

but they're glazed shut. It climbed all around the room, trying to escape every way it could, doing flying jumps off various things it found. Eventually it climbed onto the clotheshorse on top of a piece of batik; Fin covered it over with the batik, and we picked up the clotheshorse and took it outside, where the squirrel ran and sat looking puzzled at us before I shooed it up one of the great oaks. That was a lot more excitement than I was expecting on an ordinary Tuesday evening!

( The story through Fin's eyes )

What else? Well, I was sitting at the front of the carriage on SEPTA this evening, I managed to get my belt stuck in the seat when we reached my station, and I held up the whole carriage for fifteen awkward seconds while I untangled it. Also, a bunch of reactionary church pastors have written letters and taken out advertisements to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, and to complain that they are being oppressed merely by being unable to oppress others. You would think they could see what was wrong with this, and the fact that they don't makes me sad for the future. And finally, I did find out why I'd been having problems with ConsoleKit. gdm sets an environment variable saying which session you're part of. I was launching CK, dbus-daemon, and gdm from a screen session, then logging in, opening up a gnome-terminal and reattaching to screen. Obviously the variable wasn't being passed through that way! I still have a problem with CK segfaulting, but possibly the copy I had was too old.

edit: apparently this gentlesquirrel was in fact a flying squirrel, and apparently they share space with greys just fine. I will be putting out nuts for them this winter.
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