Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Happy things today, in no particular order

  1. Getting an email that said
    Dear Thomas James Alexander Thurman, We are pleased to inform you that you are now part of the GNOME Foundation Membership.
    So, you can call me tthurman (atpersat) gnome now :) Hooray!
  2. Finding new and productive things to do with OpenSearch.
  3. riordon, moominmuppet, firinel
  4. Making a 2.17.* release for metacity.
  5. Pizza night.
  6. Creating the marnanel_joule community for friends of Joule, and getting good feedback on possible enhancements.
  7. Riordon telling me she considers herself part Welsh. This is because my great-grandmother Mary Jones (a.k.a. Nono) was Welsh, and because I'm her adoptive parent. She probably has a better handle on the language than a lot of other people with more Welsh blood, though.
  8. An adventure tomorrow doing election monitoring.

There was a bit of an administrative mixup, and I didn't get sent my teammate's phone number or email address, but Google found them for me. We are meeting at the railway station tomorrow. It should be an interesting day.

Races in this area which should be interesting include:

  • Whether Lois Murphy or Jim Gerlach get elected to the House of Representatives. This will be a close thing, and may make a difference in the overall balance of power nationally. There have been rumours of the use of... interesting... tactics.
  • Whether Rick Santorum or Bob Casey get elected to the Senate. I don't like either of them, as I've mentioned, but I think Casey will win and it'll be nice to have someone who isn't Rick Santorum.
  • Whether Ed Rendell gets re-elected as governor, as he probably will.

desh has some information about voting rights which is worth a read.

You are probably expecting me to harangue all of you who are eligible to go out and vote, like most of the other bloggers will. Actually, I am going to rant at you not to be apathetic about the way your country and your locality are run. If that includes voting, all well and good! But don't think that because you've fed one bit of information into the machine every few years that what you're doing is "politics", and you've done all you're called to do. Freedom and democracy need more regular watering than that to stay healthy. Are there issues that you care strongly about? If not, you're possibly not paying attention. If there are, do what you can to make a difference, and contact people (elected officials and others) who can make a difference too. Volunteer with organisations which work with things you feel strongly about. Give money to them. Write to the papers about things. Pay attention to what's going on in the world and why. What we need is not so much better leadership, but rather a populace which gives a damn.

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