Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Fireworks Night

guyfawkes2I didn't post about yesterday, but it was mostly taken up with a seminar on preventing child abuse. However, in the evening I did discover what a very wonderful thing OpenSearch is, and how useful its discovery system is. (If you use Firefox 2.0, when your search box glows blue it means that you can download and install a relevant search system. Your sword blows glue for a moment.) I have used this to build a new interface to our software at work. It was fun.

Today we had Sunday School, and because it was All Saints' Day last week, we were talking about saints and looking at stained glass. The kids were very taken with the story of Joan of Arc, and I asked specially for the story of Dewi Sant.

When we came home, Rio complained that spectrum's monitor wouldn't turn on. On closer investigation, this turned out to be because one of the cats had climbed onto the thing and puked all over it. It was time to dig out the last spare monitor.
guyfawkes1Later I closed a few bugs in metacity and committed a few patches, since 2.17.2 is just around the corner. Then it was time for fireworks, since it's Fireworks Night tonight.

f(x)=3x² walks into a bar and asks for a sandwich. "Sorry," says the barman, "we don't cater for functions."
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