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Mason, elections and Firefox in Welsh

Yesterday my job was to write a small bridge between RT and Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a program I know quite well and I can make it do lots of interesting things. RT I'd never used before. A few minutes into the work, I found that where Bugzilla uses TT2, RT uses Mason; I'd worked with Mason before, but not for over a year, and so I spent a bit of time familiarising myself with the way it all fits together. I think it'll be pretty plain sailing from here on, though.

I tried to use PFAW's website to sign up as an election protection volunteer, but despite the site saying they needed volunteers in Philadelphia County, the form wouldn't let you enter that as your county! I phoned them and they fixed it, but then a whole bunch of people at work had decided to do the same thing with the Committee of Seventy, so I went with them instead. The training's today at noon. My work is giving everyone who's helping out with the election paid time off to do so. They are awesome.

At lunchtime I noticed that there was no Welsh spellcheck dictionary in Firefox 2.0. This was annoying. Therefore I downloaded the British English dictionary and dissected it. It turned out that (underneath the Mozilla wrappings) it was in the same format as in OpenOffice, so I went looking for the Welsh dictionary in OpenOffice, checked that it was under a free licence, and dropped it into a new Firefox package. Easy as anything. (The only hiccup, which took most of the time, was trying to stop an error that said, "This package needs at least Firefox 2.0. You only have Firefox 2.0.") The dictionary is now on the main dictionary download page.

The pinkstuff admins say they're all ready to go with Joule, but they needed me to copy the dataset over. Just that one copy operation took almost three hours. I am very hopeful that we will restore service by tonight.
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