Monument (marnanel) wrote,

as a Bear doth her whelps, to bring forth this confused lump, I had not time to lick it into form

There was a wayzgoose on Thursday night in the printing business which shares the building I work in. On Friday I came into work and found that the wayzgoose had left us a thing about five metres high and a metre across, printed all over with different patterns and weirdly shaped in a way that reminded me of a pregnant primordial bear-like creature. I should take a photo.

I soon fixed the validation problem I mentioned on Thursday, and worked on remaining iteration stuff for the rest of the day: it's something strange with graphviz that I don't fully understand and I was mostly reading up on it. Robert asked me to work on some stuff to do with college scholarships next week, so that should be interesting. At the end of the day there was a longish meeting, the most notable result of which is that Sam from upstairs (a former teammate of ladynik0n) is joining the Systems team.

I'm the eldest of five children. One of the most interesting parts of Friday was that my youngest sister, who at sixteen is fifteen years younger than me, emailed me out of nowhere. We spent most of the rest of the day catching up and learning what's new in the six years or so since I last seriously talked to her (living on another continent makes it hard to keep up with your family). And it made me really happy to see how her life is panning out at the moment. (I'm fairly sure she has now created an LJ, but I'll wait until she sets up her profile before I know for sure it's her.)

I came home, and on the way stopped off at the wonderful Giovanni's Room to buy some stuff. The person behind the desk not only knew me but told me things which were new in stock since the last time I'd come in— and I can't have been into that shop six times in my whole life! I love it. And the shop's always a happy place to browse around, too. Then I commuted back out into the suburbs, bought Chinese food because it was Friday, and that was the day.

This morning we woke up early because it was the art day at Shupp's Grove (warning: this website plays really crap music at you), where riordon and smreigner have a stand, and smreigner wanted Fin to take some of zir recent artwork up there to see whether anyone would buy some. Perhaps because of the thunderstorms last night, it was a very slow day and there were no buyers at all, but we did meet someone who wants to write an article about Fin's work for an art magazine. I spent most of the day rewriting a utility for work, which is another of my iteration tasks. There wasn't any power where we were, and I had to keep running back to the bath house to plug the laptop in and recharge.

With a little nudge from hdp, the code flows beautifully:
    my $proc = main->can("do_$command");
    if ($proc) {
    } else {
      print "$0: I don't know how to $command.\n";

  print "See also:\n";
  for my $name (keys %main::) {
    next unless $name =~ /^help_(.*)$/;
    print "\t--help $1\n";

I am wondering what I should fix next in Metacity. I have tackled all the things I really wanted to look at at first glance; now I suppose what I should do is work methodically through all the open bugs and see what I can help close. I wonder whether I should also try to help out with some other part of GNOME as well.

Lizardy, wizardy,
Jamie Zawinski runs
Nightlife instead of the
Programming scene
Finding the process is
h0rken since back when the
Lizard was green
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