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You know, I've heard about people like me / But I never made the connection

The psych appointment I had this morning was reasonably interesting. I am at last now officially diagnosed with (mild) Asperger syndrome. (There's been a lot leading up to this, most of which I haven't posted publically.) I know that mostly people get diagnosed as children, but when I was a child it had only just been discovered; still, I hope that now that I know this it will be useful to me in learning how to read people's emotions better and how to deal with neurotypical people.

I worked from home today because of the appointment, and it would take too long to commute in and out afterwards. In the morning, before work started, I went to the park with firinel, riordon, smreigner, Aunt Sis, and Sis's loveable and skittish boxer, Rufus. After we'd walked a little way, a husky and a rottweiler came bounding up to us and Rufus was rather freaked out. Their human came past a little later, and many of our group told zir off; all the other people we passed commented on the leashless dogs, and when we finished our walk, the animal control officer had just arrived.

I finished a bunch of good JavaScript work yesterday, which I was quite pleased with. Though I tested it before I checked it in, it seems to be failing for some people in some cases today, and I couldn't get the VPN working to test it properly. I'll fix it tomorrow morning; I doubt it'll take half an hour. It certainly won't hold up the release.

New addition to the list of phrases that Americans don't know: "taking the piss".

I was very pleased to see that Plan B has gone over-the-counter today (at least if you're 18 or older). And in other reproductive health news, there is the story of a 12-year-old who moved from France to Ohio to live with her father, who then raped her. She became a ward of the government, but the government won't pay for an abortion because she's not a US citizen. Some people at the clinic are raising money for her. moominmuppet, whom I would trust with my life any day, says that this is not a scam.

I cannot get very excited about Pluto no longer being a planet. It's not like it even was counted as a planet for very long: 76 years isn't really a long time in the big scheme of things. My mnemonic was always "men very easily make jugs serve useful needs", anyway.

I also managed to find my Nimyad lexicon. I will possibly post this to nimyad if any of you are interested. (Oh, I should explain what Nimyad is. It's an originally-private language I developed as a teenager, and worked on off and on for the rest of my life (that's an extrapolation, you understand). "Marnanel" and "Firinel" are proper nouns in Nimyad.)

hitchhiker is posting a day-by-day tutorial on how to solve British cryptic crosswords. If you know why "outburst from saint or martyr initally" would be "storm", you might like to drop in, and if you don't, you might like to learn. I miss spending my lunchtimes in the coffee room with a bunch of coworkers, all working together on solving the Guardian's cryptic crossword. We used to work on the New York Times's crossword together when I worked at Pobox, but the American papers don't use anything like similar clue constructions, and it's not (to me) as satisfying.

Yesterday, I attempted to write an englyn milwr. Criticism welcome. I know I need to work on the cynghanedd.

Ac nawr yfwch yr awyr
A dyfroedd o dan y tir
A gwaed coch duw chwiliwyr.
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