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So I was trying to write an englyn

I went to see the dermatologist. He is always very patient and thorough. He prescribed me a large amount of both the ointments he gave me last time, because before I only got little tubes and used them up in a day. He also gave me antibiotics because I've been feeling generally blah recently and he thought from my description I might have an infection which was aiding the psoriasis.

Then I came home and cleaned the house for a while, and cooked pierogies and peas for tea, and took Rio to the playground, where she met some friends from school.

I was impressed how many of the songs I posted you people got. The only one nobody got was I (Just) Wanna Be A Winner by "Brown Sauce" (search for "brown.mp3" here), who were really the presenters of Swap Shop. I would say it was obscure, but it was actually a top 20 hit in January 1982. (The song is full of contemporary references.)

This evening I tried to write my first englyn. It can probably use a lot more work, and it's not very profound, except that I like pineapples and ate some this evening. I would like to know if any cynganeddwyr reading this can tear it to pieces for me.
Yn bwyta o'r tun, dyna dyn – ei dur
yn dal yr afal pîn;
gan llwy dawel llwyd, ei fwyd
yn rhoi ei oerni euraid.
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