Monument (marnanel) wrote,

a day at the beach

I had a dermatologist's appointment this morning. They've invented a new topical treatment for psoriasis since last I went which replaces two of the ones I was supposed to use before, which will encourage me to use it more often. Since it would have been a nuisance to go all the way back into Philly afterwards, I'd taken the rest of the day off in comp time. So firinel and riordon and plexq and 5eh and I all went off to Ocean City in New Jersey. It would have been good for my psoriasis if it had been sunny, but actually it was cloudy most of the day. We sat on the beach and looked for hermit crabs, and then went and ate cheesesteaks when it started to rain, and played some pool. (The rules of pool seem to be quite a bit different in the US. You don't get a free go if your opponent pockets the cue ball, for example. Also, spots are called "solids".) We came home with a bag full of many flavours of salt water taffy (a confection rather like toffee, but chewier). And that was pretty much the whole day.

er, why is my hackergotchi now a builder's hat?
Tags: 5arah, day, firinel, plexq, riordon
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