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Bug roundup

This is mainly for my own reference, but if any of you fancy following what I'm up to, here's what I'm up to. Earlier this month, I asked for help knowing which metacity bugs to work on. I was pointed towards:

"Trying to duplicate stuff":
#330041: got this one down to one line, but nobody's sure what to do now
#329940: works for me
#140423: haven't looked at this, not quite sure what to do

"Fixing smaller scale or even easy stuff":
#329413: fixed and in release
#328920: fixed and in release
#328211: not looked at yet
#327543: not looked at yet (may do next)
#322059: fixed and in release
#133896: not looked at yet (may be fixed by now, need to check)

"Working on partially solved bugs that others abandoned due to lack of interest or time":
#309567: not sure what to do here
#101659: can't do much about testing this, I have only one screen
#151183: fixed yesterday, will be in next release
#306372: not looked at yet

And I've also gone and worked on:
#141425: fixed and in release
#331356: pending theme fixes (see below)
#155216: written patch, needs work, is probably subsumed by #112560
#313490: fixed and in release

When all these are all done, I think I'd like to work on themes. They say that changes to the theme format have to be done all at once, and there's quite a number of them that have built up by now. I'd like to tackle that later.
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