Monument (marnanel) wrote,

the weekend so far

floatyfish and firinel and riordon came to pick me up from work on Friday. firinel came in and half my team got into a big discussion about Chomsky and the philosophy of language, and so we were half an hour late leaving.

When we got back to floatyfish and onib's house, we had Chinese food and watched Kiki's Delivery Service. Then on Saturday we went to see the Narnia film, and played a rather fun board game, and phoned moominmuppet and said "happy new year", and built some Lego, and watched the ball drop. (Next year we should see whether any channels are televising Big Ben at seven o'clock.)

On Sunday morning we were going to go to their church with them, but in the end we didn't and we all came home. It was a lovely weekend! Thank you to all of you who were part of it, and here's to a wonderful 2006.
Tags: amyandjohn, firinel, riordon
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