Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Surprise free laptops

Intel and Nokia have decided to give us all free laptops, as long as we use them to go around and show people MeeGo, and for those of us who are coders, we write lots of cool stuff with them.

Here is the queue to get one:

And here is my new and as yet unnamed laptop, running MeeGo:

I have to say that installation was a piece of cake. Now everyone has three devices attached to the wifi: their ordinary computer, their phone— N900s are almost ubiquitous here— and their new laptop. So I hope this posts!

Oh, I have to mention: the screen on this swivels right round, and is a touchscreen, so you can just tap the screen instead of using the touchpad. It is a very, very shiny thing.
Tags: pgo, places:dublin, work:collabora
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