Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Tuesday — Be thou my best thought

I think my talk went reasonably well in the end, though there were no questions. I'm not sure whether the audience were entirely satisfied or catatonic with hearing me drone on.

After the talk, I went off and hacked for a bit to clear my head until it was time to go to the brewery; I sat next to Michael Meeks on the way down there, and we talked about office suites.

When we arrived, they had a pretty comprehensive exhibition about how they make Guinness: I wandered around that, reading about hops and barley, until I noticed that people were vanishing upstairs. Well, toucan play at that game, so I followed. My goodness. There was a bar with people walking around handing out pints. There, Will gave me the useful information that Guinness Special Export is much more tasty than the ordinary kind. After a rather large number of pints of that, a rather good U2 cover band appeared, so we all danced. (Thank you for the whiskey, Chani.) I feel surprisingly well today, apart from a slight headache. I suppose Guinness is good for you.

Huge thanks to the organisers, who have certainly shown themselves capable of… no, that line is far too obvious.
Tags: pgo, places:dublin, work:collabora
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