Monument (marnanel) wrote,

Things that need doing on Joule

Some things that could be done to Joule, mainly for my own reference.  Not in order. I've shown the amount of work needed; I haven't ascribed an importance to any of these (though I wouldn't mind hearing your opinions).
  1. Joule is case-sensitive.  None of the systems it serves data from are case-sensitive.  This is silly.  This will probably require downtime to fix, because effective duplicates will need to be removed from the database. Medium
  2. The translation system needs a radical overhaul.  I have several ideas.  In particular, the English text should be placed within the templates, as with gettext, and not within a magic .po file; and ?lang=fr etc should be pages, not redirects, for the benefit of search engines.  Complex
  3. Controls overhaul. Easy
  4. Look into OpenSocial so we can chart Blogger and MySpace. Medium
  5. There should be a table of messages of the day.  The HTML pages should show the most recent, and the RSS feeds should show whichever was the most recent on the relevant day.  This will let us put interesting messages about new features into RSS feeds, which is the only way to contact most of our users. Medium
  6. joulestats is stable and can be run from cron: done.  Also, fix joulestats's messages for users with zillions of followers; they're less helpful than they could be. Easy
  7. Page view per day so that massive charts become at least slightly useful. Medium
  8. Add an extra column showing the total number of followers on each day, for the same reason.  This needs a current count to be returned from the XS and then we just add and subtract as we go down the line. Easy
  9. The FAQ needs to be broken out into separate pages. Easy
  10. Dreamwidth support, when this enhancement is finished. Easy
  11. Most of the Twitter and work needs to be done in a superclass rather than duplicating code. Easy
  12. I would like a way to draw line graphs of number of followers over time.  (This is blocked by "controls overhaul".) Complex
I have a ton of other stuff to do, so Joule only gets worked on now and then.  But feel free to advocate for any particular one of these.  Also, feel free to send patches or to ask for help making them.  And I'd like to hear any other suggestions you have.
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